10 Charming Pixie Haircuts for Women over 50

Cute Pixie:

A sleek, elegant pixie requires gel or pomade.

Pixie Spiky:

Give your pixie quirky spikes for texture and volume.

Headband Pixie:

Accessorize with headbands or scarves to add a touch of elegance.

Feathered Pixie:

Incorporate feathered layers for a soft and graceful appearance.

Messy Pixie:

Embrace an effortless and carefree style by keeping your pixie a bit messy.

Glasses On Pixie:

A stylish and clever outfit includes a pixie and chic spectacles.

Sideburns Pixie:

Sideburns can be lengthened for a unique pixie cut.

Highlighted Pixie

Highlight the layers for dimension.

Waves Pixie: 

Soft waves and bangs on the lengthier top make a gorgeous look.

Pixie Subdue: 

A simple, confident pixie cut is easy to style.

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