10 DOLLAR STORE secret products you NEED in 2023

Reusable Silicone Food Covers: These stretchable silicone covers are eco-friendly and perfect for preserving leftover food without the need for disposable plastic wrap.

LED Motion Sensor Lights: Stick-on LED lights with motion sensors are great for adding instant lighting in closets, cabinets, and dark corners.

Phone Mount for Cars: A versatile and adjustable phone mount that clips onto your car's air vent, providing a safe and convenient way to use GPS or take hands-free calls while driving.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths: Ultra-absorbent and lint-free, these cloths are ideal for cleaning glasses, screens, and household surfaces without streaks.

Drawer Organizers: Keep your drawers tidy with affordable plastic or fabric organizers, which are perfect for separating socks, underwear, and small items.

Travel-sized Toiletries: Dollar stores often carry mini shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, and other travel-sized essentials, making them a budget-friendly choice for vacations.

Wireless Earbud Cases: Protect and store your wireless earbuds in these compact, hard-shell cases that come in various colors and designs.

Kitchen Utensils: Find kitchen essentials like spatulas, measuring cups, and vegetable peelers at the dollar store, making it easy to stock your kitchen inexpensively.

Cable Organizers: Tame your cable clutter with adhesive cable clips or Velcro ties to keep your chargers and cables organized and tangle-free.

Gardening Supplies: Dollar stores often carry gardening gloves, hand trowels, and small plant pots, allowing you to nurture your green thumb without breaking the bank.

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