10 Foods with Expiration Dates You Can Ignore

Vinegar can get cloudy or get "mother," which is sediment, over time, but that doesn't mean you have to throw it away.

9. Vinegar

Cornstarch is another powdery ingredient that will last forever if it's kept correctly. 

8. Cornstarch

White rice lasts 25–30 years at low temperatures (sub 40 degrees F) and 10 years at room temperature if packed with oxygen absorbers.

7. White Rice

Around 40% of pure vanilla extract is alcohol, and alcohol is a stabilizer.

6. Pure Vanilla Extract

Canned foods are typically safe 24 months after any best-by dates.

5. Most Canned Goods

Honey can last almost forever if it is kept in the right way (in a sealed jar away from moisture). 

4. Honey

Like vinegar, hot sauce almost never expires and can be used for at least a year past it’s expiration date.

3. Hot Sauce

Sugar doesn’t really go bad, a prime reason they are often used as a preservative for jam and canned fruits.

2. Sugar

Salt has been used to preserve foods for centuries because it’s so effective at inhibiting bacteria.

1. Salt