10 Most Useless College Degrees Employers Don't Want Today

Degrees in fine arts, including painting, sculpture, and performance arts, can be challenging to translate into high-demand job opportunities.

Fine Arts

While a theater degree can be a gateway to a career in acting or production, it may not offer as many options as other fields.

Theater Arts

Philosophy degrees provide critical thinking skills, but they may require further specialization for job market relevance.


Careers directly related to religious studies may have limited opportunities, but the degree can be valuable in related fields like education or counseling.

Religious Studies

While anthropology offers a unique perspective on culture and society, job prospects can be competitive.


Archeology degrees often lead to jobs in academia or research, which can be limited.


Gender studies can be highly relevant in specific social justice and education roles but may have limited job prospects outside of those fields.

Gender Studies

Art history degrees can be challenging to translate into well-compensated, mainstream careers.

Art History