10 Outdated Home-Buying Advice That Needs a Reboot

For most boomers, this would have been a really good piece of advice… for when they first bought their homes.

1. Just Sign Up for the MLS

It's always funny to hear a baby boomer talk about the housing market as if they know exactly what will happen.

2. Can’t You Wait It Out For a Crash?

In the past, a smart homebuyer would point out a seller's misinformation and haggle the price.

3. You Need To Negotiate That During Your Offer

The days when a homebuyer could move to a new area and instantly find loads of real estate prospects are ended.

4. Increase Your Search Radius

When baby boomer friends send over houses they think are nice, it's a nice gesture, but chances are the homebuyer has seen it many times before.

5. Have You Checked Out This House?

For some people, being aggressive is a great strategy and can help them win homes quickly.

6. You Have To Be Aggressive

Sometimes a deal falls through due to factors outside of the buyer’s control.

7. I Had Already Started To Plan How You’d Use The Rooms

One major part of the home buying process is mortgages and specifically mortgage rates.

8. When I Got My Rates Back In Any Year Before 2020

Most people are too nice to tell a boomer relative straight out that they don't want their help anymore, but there will often be many hints.

9. I Found Another House I Think You Might Like

Most people think that buying a home is a big accomplishment and the result of all their hard work.

10. The Shrubbery From the Previous Owner Looks Nice