10 Rejuvenating Shag Haircuts for Women Over 60

Subtle Waves

Add gentle waves to your shag for a soft and elegant appearance.

Side Bangs

Incorporate side-swept bangs into your shag haircut for a classic and rejuvenating style.

Shaggy Bob tangled:

Maintain a slightly ruffled shaggy bob for a trendy, young look.


Balance and rejuvenate your shag haircut with a center part.

Tapered Modern

Modern parts with tapered ends are chic and classy.

Layered Shag:

Add texture for movement and life.


Short shags with longer sideburns are unusual and refreshing.

Layered Shag:

For a lifted, young shag haircut, add volume to the crown.

Undercut Pixie: 

A shaggy pixie with an undercut is daring and invigorating.

Shaggy Bob: 

With a side part, your shaggy bob looks ageless and revitalizing.

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