10 Smashing Braided Ponytails for Black Women

A basic braided ponytail with long, neat braids is lovely.

Classic Ponytail Braid: 

For a chic braided ponytail, gather your braids at the crown.

Overbraided Ponytail: 

Cornrows in front and a braided ponytail in rear provide a dramatic and textured look.

Cornrow- ponytail:

Choose chunky box braids in a ponytail for a striking look.

Bulky Box

Adding colorful beads to your braids makes your ponytail festive and lively.

Beaded Braided

Put twists and braids in your ponytail for texture and visual intrigue.

Braided Ponytail:

A low braided ponytail that glides smoothly down your back is chic and refined.

Low-braided ponytail:

For drama and asymmetry, sweep your braided ponytail to the side.

braided ponytail:

Enjoy Fulani braids in a ponytail for a stylish and cultural look.

Fulani Ponytail: 

Curl or wave your braided ponytail ends for a feminine look.


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