11 Beautiful Train Trips Around the World

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Glacier Express, Switzerland

Traverse the Swiss Alps, witnessing stunning mountain and glacier views.

Rocky Mountaineer, Canada

Journey through the Canadian Rockies with vistas of majestic peaks and emerald lakes.

Trans-Siberian Railway, Russia

Explore Russia's diverse landscapes on the world's longest railway journey.

Blue Train, South Africa

Experience luxury while traveling through South Africa's scenic landscapes.

The Ghan, Australia

Cross the Australian Outback, enjoying desert vistas and unique wildlife.

Palace on Wheels, India

Discover Rajasthan's cultural treasures in luxury on this Indian train.

The Andean Explorer, Peru

Journey through the Andes, taking in dramatic scenery and Lake Titicaca.

California Zephyr, USA

Traverse the United States, crossing the Rockies and Sierra Nevada Mountains.