11 Magical Entryway Mirror To Make The Space Extra Special

1. Rustic Sunburst in the Entry Hall

The mirror frame's rustic aesthetic is echoed with metal pipe shelves and rough-hewn wood or pallets. Family heirlooms on bookcases complete the look.

2. Simplicity Itself Boosts Natural Light

Entryway mirrors need not be elaborate. A wide rectangular mirror in a basic wood frame makes a small doorway more intriguing and welcome. 

3. Golden Sunburst Has Timeless Look

It looks ancient and elegant due to the golden ring around the mirror glass that isolates it from the sun. A mirror on the wall opposite a fireplace or garden window doubles the view and enjoyment.

4. Terracotta Frame Retains Earth

In a space with white walls, floors, and ceilings, a large round mirror with terra cotta or leather frames immediately attracts attention.

5. Repurposed, Galleried Tray Table

Galleried tray tables make great wall mirrors. Several of these tables have mirrored tops, but the owner may have a bespoke mirror constructed before hanging it in the foyer.

6. A Frame of Concentric Cannonballs

The little mirror glass may be enclosed by a pleated frame and a frame that appears like concentric rings of miniature cannon balls, Minié balls, or tumbling stones of various sizes.

7. Moonburst Makes You Playful

Why not moonbursts around certain mirrors and sunbursts around others? One is golden and the other silver with the mirror glass sunk deep into the frame for intrigue.

8. Half-Moon Rising with Skirt

A mirror is made by hanging a metal backing behind a semi-circular window glass on the wall. The mirror is large enough to reflect and spread the light from hanging lights opposite it.

9. Small and Classy Quatrefoil

An old-fashioned yet elegant quatrefoil mirror may enhance a small doorway. A basic shelf, umbrella stand, and wire basket for sundries are plenty for such a mirror.

10. Window on the World

The metal backing and cerused or white-washed timber frame and mullions are all it requires. If placed correctly on the doorway wall, it may reflect most of the area in front of it, making it seem brighter and larger.

11. Blue and Gold Porcelain

A mirror frame constructed of porcelain or a porcelain-like substance is attractive. Wedge-shaped, pastel-colored tiles may be put around the glass in an attractive fashion.

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