11 Tips To Build Self-Esteem

1: Find your anthem

Go through the music charts and choose a song that makes you feel alive or like the greatest version of yourself. The finest confidence songs make you want to dance.

2: Get up and dance

Did you just choose your national anthem? Take a break and dance! Dancing not only increases your energy levels, but it has also been shown to reduce stress in your body!

3: Text 3 Awesome People

Text three folks and tell them they're fantastic. Make it RIGHT NOW! Sometimes the greatest approach to boost one's own confidence is to boost the confidence of others.

4: Do the Smile-Nod

When we wish to recognize someone, we make that wonderful nonverbal facial expression. People don't realize how little energy it takes to add that little nod.

5: your Favorite Photos

Consider your favorite images on your phone or in storage. They are likely to evoke sentiments of delight, novelty, or connectedness to people.

6: Make “Bucket List” OF LEARNING

Everyone, in my opinion, should make a list of all they wish to learn and experience in their lives. Every time you learn something new, you gain confidence. 

7: Refresh Your Instagram ACCOUNT

If you're anything like me, you probably need to wipe up some of those old accounts... and find those folks that truly make you happy!

8: Stand with Confidence

Standing like a winner gives you the feeling of being a winner. So it's no surprise that champions everywhere, regardless of gender or color, often take up as much space as possible once they win a race.

9: Find YOUR Joy

What is your tiny source of happiness? My little daughter, Sienna, often encourages me to be open to new experiences.

10: Breathe & Meditate

Take ten slow, deep breaths. Slowing down and breathing deeply might help you get out of a funk and enhance your confidence.

11: Pump Up

Create a playlist for each of your professional responsibilities. What about your workouts? How are you feeling? In our music and productivity guide, we have some amazing suggestions.

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