7 Southwest Boarding Tips To Always Get The Best Seat

1. Set a check-in alarm

Check in precisely 24 hours before your trip's planned departure time. You should definitely set an alarm if you want to guarantee that you get the best seats available.

2. View the plane's layout beforehand

Southwest offers a variety of aircraft configurations with various seat arrangements. Understanding the aircraft configuration allows you to target certain seats or areas of the plane that correspond to your preferences.

3. Cutting the line is okay if you can

It's vital to note that if you bought a Group A ticket but missed the boarding phase, you may still get that amazing seat by cutting in line.

4. Being strategic with a later boarding position

When you board, seek for rows that seem to be packed but have an available middle seat. Some travelers may avoid seating in a row with an open middle seat in the hopes of a late-arriving neighbor.

5. Be flexible with travel schedules

If you have considerable leeway in your trip plans, try booking flights at off-peak hours or on less crowded days. With fewer individuals on board, there may be more seat alternatives.

6. Look into paying for EarlyBird Check-In

This is a premium add-on service that enables you to check into the plane 36 hours before departure, which is 12 hours earlier than standard check-in.

7. Optional Business Select fare

However, Southwest has lately restricted the amount of EarlyBird Check-In deals it accepts for certain routes. 

If you are unable to pay an additional cost for that add-on service or want to secure a better seat, you should purchase the carrier's most expensive ticket category, Business Select.

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