7 Steps To Style Perfect Curtain Bangs For Beginners

What You Need

Trimming scissors Rat-tail comb Hair tie Round brush Hairdryer

Step 1

Use a rat-tail comb to separate your hair slantedly.

Step 2

Repeat on the opposite side to make a triangle with the hairline. Curtain bangs will be trimmed from this triangle hair. You may then decide whether to shorten or retain the length, dubbed your “guide”.

Step 3

Bang length is up to you. Keep them between eyebrows and cheeks.

Step 4

Stretch the portion of hair between your ring and middle fingers to the desired length. Lower your ring and middle fingers to avoid short bangs when chopped.

Step 5

Cutting a corner guide piece horizontally with scissors provides a reference. Cut bangs to length using the reference point.

Step 6

Hold the scissors vertically and carefully trim the bangs ends to create a wispy effect.

Step 7

Make your bangs perfect by clipping lengthier portions. Use a round brush and blow dryer to create voluminous bangs. Base and under blow drying.

Step 7

Part your bangs in the middle and brush the ends to either side.

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