8 Best Animals To Keep As Pet


These affectionate animals will surprise you with their social nature, intelligence, and trainability. Rats are good for growing families, with supervision, because they need regular playtime and interaction. 


The playful rodents with dense fur need a temperature-controlled spacious environment, filled with chew toys, dust baths, and climbing structures. 


Their prickly exterior hides a warm and cuddly personality. Hedgehogs need spacious enclosures with proper heating setup and enrichment toys. Their diet needs to be high in protein.


Rabbits bond with their humans quite well. These social and intelligent creatures need a spacious enclosure to hop around, and lots of carrots! Playtime with children needs supervision. 


If you want a talkative companion, the constant chirping of parakeets will liven up your day. Give them spacious cages and supervise out-of-cage playtime, especially with young kids.


Their melodious whistles and gentle demeanor offer delightful companionship. Their spacious cages should have perches and climbing structures.


Goldfish is the ideal low-maintenance pet. Set them up with a properly cycled tank with automatic filtration, and you are done. Goldfish require minimal interaction. 

Guinea Pigs

The guinea pigs are snuggly, gentle, and social pets. They are best for apartment living. They are curious, friendly, and need outside playtime. Guinea pigs are best for families with young children. 

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