8 Natural Ways To Get Fuller Lips As You Age

Stay Hydrated: 

Lips that aren't getting enough water can look dry and thin. To keep your lips moist and full, drink a lot of water.

Exfoliate Regularly: 

Use a lip scrub or a homemade mixture of sugar and honey to gently scrub your lips. This gets rid of dead skin cells and increases blood flow, which makes your lips look bigger.


Regularly use a good lip balm or lip oil to keep your lips soft and stop them from drying out.

Use Cinnamon Oil: 

Cinnamon oil can make your lips look bigger for a short time by increasing blood flow to them. Add a drop or two of cinnamon oil to your lip balm and use very little of it.

Peppermint Oil: 

Like cinnamon oil, peppermint oil can make your lips feel tingly, which makes them look fuller. Add a drop to your lip balm or use lip products that already have peppermint oil in them.

Overline Your Lips: 

Carefully draw a thin line around your lips with lip pen. Avoid an over-the-top look because it can make you look fake.

Highlight the Cupid's Bow: 

You can put a little blush or a light, shimmery lipstick on your cupid's bow. This makes it look like your lips are bigger.

Wear the Right Lipstick: 

Pick lip colors that look good with your skin tone and make your lips stand out. It's possible for lighter shades to make your lips look bigger and darker shades to make them look smaller.

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