8 Timeless Names They’d Love


Sophia, having a Greek meaning of wisdom, is a popular name that has consistently stayed in the charts over the years. 


Oliver has a gentle, natural sound to it, making it a popular choice that keeps staying on the baby naming charts. It's simple but sweet, and honestly, it just sounds nice to say! It flows right off the tongue. 


Luna, meaning moon in Latin, has gained significant popularity over the years thanks to its celestial connection and unique sound. 


Lucas is a common name you'll hear in the US; it's a name that hasn't died down in popularity ever since it got its meteoric rise. 


Short and sweet, Mia is an adorable girls name that continues to charm parents with its simplicity and grace. It's a name that feels both modern and timeless, making it future-proof for your child. 


A name with Biblical roots, Noah just radiates peace and calmness. It's a timeless name that's been popular for years, still gracing the top numbers on any baby naming chart. 


A romantic name with a nice melodic tone to it, Isabella is a classic favourite. It's a wonderful choice for any parent looking for a name that has both a rich history and a beautiful ring to it. 


Coming with a lot of great options for nicknames, Benjamin is a beloved name that somehow feels both traditional and modern. 

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