9 Big-Batch Cocktails That Are Perfect For Small Gathering

Berry Sangria 

It’s just Moscato, ginger ale, and three types of berries, making this an easy big-batch cocktail that’s perfect for when you’re trying to remember how to be a host again. 

Blackberry Whisky Lemonade 

It also features a little fizz thanks to some tonic water and is a refreshing summer crowd-pleaser you can make in bulk for your next bash. 

Bloody Marys 

A lot goes into making a Bloody Mary from scratch, which is why your best bet is to make and serve them by the pitcher.  

Citrus & Beer 

Lambic beer and hard cider are the basis of this lemony cocktail from The Kitchn. The recipe name suggests it’s better than Champagne, but we’ll let you (and your guest list) be the judge. 

Cosmopolitan Party Punch 

This Cosmo packs a punch! Vodka and Moscato both go into this refreshing cocktail, which also includes ginger ale, frozen pink lemonade, cranberry juice, and triple sec. 


You might think frozen rosé needs to be made on the spot, but this version from Bon Appetit can actually be made and frozen a week ahead of time. 

Holiday Punch 

Just because “holiday” usually means Christmas, it doesn’t mean you can’t serve this punch at Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, Halloween, or Take Like a Pirate Day. 

Lemon Bourbon Sweet Tea 

A glass of sweet tea really hits the spot on hot days, and adding some bourbon to it will make you forget about the heat even more. 


If you’re looking to make a warm-weather aperitif or a digestif, you can’t go wrong with limoncello. 

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