9 Characteristics of A Self-Loathing Individual

1. You lower your ambitions to avoid failure.

You don't set your objectives higher than what you regard as readily reachable — ideally with minimum apparent effort — because you anticipate to fail or make a costly error.

2. Whatever goes wrong, you blame yourself.

When anything goes wrong — or when something doesn't go as planned — you blame yourself, even though you're not the only one to blame.

3. You believe you deserve all your misfortunes.

Because you perceive yourself as the most to blame, you feel you deserve whatever punishment is meted out to you.

4. Keep people at bay.

You don't want anybody to know who you are because they will see what you see. And they'll be gone. They'll depart since they're not trapped with you (unlike you).

5. You inspire yourself with abuse.

Nobody treats you worse than you do – physically, verbally, or both. Because no one sees and despises your darkness more than you do.

6. You admire others' achievement but cannot achieve it.

If you don't have high expectations for yourself, you're more prone to envy others' success and pleasure. You're also more inclined to hate them for it.

7. You always seek approval.

If you can't obtain affirmation from your closest family members and other close relationships, you'll turn to social media.

8. You have trouble taking praise.

Because you are more prone to see negative criticism as something you deserve, you are unlikely to take genuine praises seriously.

9. You won't forgive yourself or others for errors.

When you hold onto a prior mistake or failure as evidence of your unworthiness, it's easy to despise yourself. And it's easy to refuse forgiveness when the offending justifies your continual self-loathing.

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