9 Plants Perfect For A Hydroponic Indoor Garden


Butterhead lettuce such as Bibb and Boston lettuce are especially tender when grown hydroponically but any type of salad greens, including fast-maturing baby lettuce, is fair game.


Spinach is a spring and fall crop that does poorly in temperatures above 75°F. For best results, grow it together with other crops that prefer cooler temperatures, such as kale.


Because kale has large roots, it is rather challenging to grow full-size plants in a hydroponic system in your home. You are better off growing kale as microgreens or harvesting individual leaves as they mature.

Swiss Chard

Like spinach, it does best in temperatures below 75°F so it’s a good idea to grow the two plants together in your hydroponic garden.


Any type of arugula is great for hydroponics because the plants are small and compact. Harvest the leaves as they grow and replant at regular intervals for a constant supply.


From classic Genovese basil to Thai basil, any type of basil grows well in a hydroponic garden, provided you give it lots of light and adjust the height of the lights as the plants grow.


Parsley is slow to germinate but once it starts growing, it will provide you with a constant supply of fresh, fragrant leaves. Although botanically a biennial, starting with a fresh plant at least three times per year yields the best results.


Cilantro is a fast grower, so you won’t need to wait long to harvest it. The downside is that after two to three harvests, the plant has reached the end of its short lifespan.


Dill is one of the easiest hydroponic herbs to grow. In the garden, dill grows to be a tall and often leggy plant but in a hydroponic system, you can keep it much shorter but harvesting it regularly.

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