9 Things That Will Be Gone With The Boomers

One person says that spam calls might not be worth making if not enough people answer odd numbers.

Spam Calls

 I'm from Generation X, and my family told me a long time ago that I should put china on my wedding list.

China Cabinets

One person hopes that people will stop telling cashiers they can't sit down. "Don't let cashiers sit down."

Standing Cashiers

As technology keeps getting better, it's possible that cable TV and home phones will become less useful. "Cable TV and landline telephones."

Cable TV

Another thing that may die out with boomers is “I hate my spouse” humor.

“I Hate My Spouse” Humor

One person said that they will miss the care that boomers often put into decorating for meals and holidays.

Attention to Decor and Detail

Also, people may no longer need to write checks. "Writing a check at the supermarket or writing checks in general!"

Writing Checks

As more people get their news online, newspapers may become less important. "I'm old, and I haven't read a newspaper in ten years.


Finally, the expectations of hands-on personal service may be replaced by more self-serve, no-contact options.

Personal Service Expectations