Burger King Is Discontinuing This Decades

One of Burger King's most popular customer incentives will end this year, according to management. 

 In a recent earnings call, The King's CEO Jose Cil said that the firm will phase off its paper coupons

The fast-food restaurant, which ranks third in sales after McDonald's and Wendy's, will no longer issue printed coupons for Buy One

 Get One for $1 and 2 for $6. Indeed, the firm plans to cut promotions altogether. 

Burger King has historically offered more value offerings than its major competitors, which may have affected sales

For years, we've been spreading ourselves too thin across too many messages with mixed results 

which diluted marketing firepower and added to operational complexity," said Cil. "It also confused guests."

Now the chain will use value offerings given via digital interfaces like the Burger King app and its Royal Perks customer loyalty program

Instead of paper coupons, digital promos make sense because there is no way to guarantee them reach an end-user inclined

Burger King may lose 20% of its potential customers, elderly Americans, if it stops printing coupons

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