Cheetos' Two New Snacks Are On Our Wishlist

Cheetle is the term Cheetos given to the orange dust that adheres to your hands after eating Cheetos a few years ago.

And, as bothersome as having Cheetle all over your fingers (and your clothing and your sofa) might be, it's so tasty that fans rejoice when Cheetle appears on a new food.

Cheetos Popcorn, which added its finger-staining cheese dust to two popcorn varieties, Cheddar and Flamin' Hot, was so popular that the business blended Crunchy Cheetos with the popcorn to produce Cheetos Pop Mix. 

Cheetos now has a new snack in both Cheddar and Flamin' Hot flavors, which fans have been waiting months for to appear on shop shelves.

Cheetos Pretzels are plainly a cross between Cheetos and pretzels. One side is flat and covered with Cheetle, whereas the other side is rounded and devoid of Cheetle. 

The Cheddar taste, according to the chef, resembles a "nice puffed up pretzel with some cheddar on it." He also said that the "flavor is just like Cheetos, but the texture is like a Dot's pretzel."

Chef then tore open the second bag, admitting he's a "flamin' hot guy over a cheddar guy." "Oh yeah," he answered, nodding in agreement. 

 He was delighted by the quantity of Flamin' spicy Cheetos on the pretzels and enjoyed the "very hot Cheeto flavor," which he compared to the extra hot Cheetos version. He said in the comments that he would purchase Cheetos Pretzels again.