Chipotle And Tabasco Team Up for Boorito Halloween Deals

Chipotle continues its Halloween Boorito tradition. From 3 p.m. October 31 until closure, Chipotle Rewards members may get a scrumptious entrée for $6 online or via the mobile app.

To allow Chipotle aficionados to enjoy late into the night, certain stores will be open until 12 a.m.

To get the great offer, enter the code "BOORITO" when ordering. If you visit one of the places with extended hours, you can be certain that your appetite will be filled even at the witching hour.

Chipotle picked sites in college cities with the most customers to stay open until midnight. Los Angeles, Nashville, NYC, Philadelphia, and more. If they order appropriately, these cities' diners may receive a hot treat.

According to a Chipotle poll, younger customers want the brand to stay open until midnight. On Halloween, Chipotle reports a huge increase in orders after 8 p.m.

On Halloween, Chipotle rewards night owls generously. The company is providing a $6 entrée and a complimentary bottle of Tabasco Scorpion Sauce to the first 100 digital orders between 10 p.m. and 12 a.m.

This fiery sauce uses scorpion peppers, one of the eleven hottest peppers in the world. The Tabasco promotion is only valid at 53 restaurants nationwide that are open till midnight. All the more incentive to eat late on Halloween.