Costco Sells Thanksgiving Meal Kits With Turkey And Fixings

Thanksgiving may be one of the happiest times of the year due to the huge feasts, warm fall weather, and precious family time.

Plan, purchase, and make several items for a party might be difficult. Costco may have the solution to a smooth Thanksgiving. 

The business sells $199.99 Fortune Gourmet Thanksgiving Dinner packages that feed eight. Fortune Fish & Gourmet, which provides fresh fish, seafood, pork, and gourmet foods, introduced these kits this year.

A five-pound pre-brined, ready-to-roast turkey breast is the bundle's headliner. The meat comes from free-range chickens reared on tiny Amish farms on healthy grains and abundant veggies.

 According to the meal package, humane treatment produces a "supremely tasty turkey that has an ample, tender breast."

The meal packages include cornbread stuffing, potatoes with turkey gravy, mac and cheese, cranberry relish, entire green beans, dinner rolls, a eight-inch apple pie, and an eight-inch pumpkin pie.

This Thanksgiving, Fortune Gourmet will send all of these dishes frozen to your home for $199.99 (shipping and handling included). Costco's website lists item descriptions and amounts for each meal kit.

Pre-order these Fortune Gourmet kits on Costco now, but don't wait. Customers must pre-order by Nov. 5 to get the meal box between Nov. 8 and 17. Supplies are limited.

Next month, Costco will provide oven-ready Thanksgiving meals for those who need more help cooking. Although they haven't been seen in 2023, the dinners usually come in November.

There are lots of other ways to celebrate the holidays at Costco besides tailored Thanksgiving feasts. 

The shop now sells five-pound packages of cubed gouda and cheddar for Christmas parties. Skip preparing Thanksgiving Loaded Mashed Potatoes? Costco has introduced pre-made ones.

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