Costco's Crazy New Sandwich Combines 3 Food Court Favorites

Costco shoppers like the food court and are typically inventive in improving their favorite dishes. A viral Costco food court hack, on the other hand, may be the most absurd.

Adventuresome Customers at Costco have combined the Chicken Bake, hot dog, and cheese pizza into one massive sandwich known as the "Jochizza."

TikToker may have originated the method or been among the first Costco customers to try it. TikToker's video of manufacturing and tasting the item also went viral.

The TikToker chopped the Chicken Bake lengthwise to make a messy hotdog bun. She took the pizza's cheese layer off and placed it on top of the hot dog.

Tik Toker topped it up with a thick layer of chopped onions, ketchup, mustard, and relish.

This offers everything you're looking for. TikToker declared it the best Costco menu item after trying it.

After the video got over 280,000 views, Costco customers were divided on whether the notion was clever or ridiculous. 

If you don't like the Jochizza but want to experiment with your food court order, be aware of a more restricted hack that went popular earlier this year. 

Customers at Costco must buy a hotdog and a Chicken Bake, then bite off both ends, cram the hotdog inside, and relish this "forbidden glizzy" Frankenstein-style combo. 

Costco customers were split on the prohibited glizzy, which wasn't as obscene as the Jochizza. People were either appalled or enthralled. 

That is abhorrent. "I adore it," a Redditor commented of the prohibited glizzy.

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