Costco's Giant Thanksgiving Meal Kit

Thanksgiving is one of the finest times of the year to eat well and spend time with family. However, holidays may be stressful. Costco may be able to help you prepare and roast Thanksgiving turkey this year. 

The $200 Thanksgiving dinner set feeds eight people and includes Costco's trademark pumpkin pie and a complete apple pie.

Savory dishes include the five-pound Amish farm-raised Turkey breast and a two-pound platter of stuffing.

The meal package also includes Thanksgiving mainstays including 1.5 pounds of mashed potatoes and turkey gravy, a platter of mac n' cheese, green beans, sweet corn, cranberry relish, and 12 light and fluffy dinner rolls.

Costco's Thanksgiving feast is now available for pre-order on their website. We suggest ordering by November 5 to have your meal box in time for Thanksgiving.

FedEx two-day air ships your food in two to three business days, ensuring it arrives frozen and ready to store.The sticker price covers transporting this complete table of food.

Ordering this full family feast from the warehouse grocer may make Thanksgiving wonderful and stress-free. It's not the only choice.

Buy Costco's bacon-wrapped turducken with Italian sausage stuffing to save time and worry on the bird and homemade sides.