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Do Sheep Make Good Pets? 5 Things to Know Before Getting One

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Sheep Are Herd Animals

You’ve probably seen large herds of sheep roaming countryside hills. While farmers keep big flocks for wool, meat, or milk production, this isn’t the only reason for having more than one sheep.

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Sheep Require Space

Because you will need to plan on having at least three sheep (and ideally, more), you need to ensure you have enough space to keep them.

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They Can Get Big

While size varies by breed, sheep can get large. Male sheep (rams) weigh 100-350 pounds, and female sheep (ewes) can be 100-220 pounds.


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Breeds Require Different Upkeep

Sheep are known for their wool, but not all sheep have it! While 90 percent of the world’s sheep have wool, some sheep, called “hair sheep” do not.

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Zone Law Not Allow Sheep as Pet

Even if you have the land and commitment to keep a sheep as a pet, your city may not agree that sheep make good pets.

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