Dunkin’s Pink Velvet Macchiato Is Coming Back Sooner Than You Think

An cherished Dunkin' treat from previous Valentine's Days will soon be making a reappearance, even before you can take down your holiday decorations.

 After a two-year absence, Dunkin's delectable Pink Velvet Macchiato will be back on menus on December 27 (cue, naturally, gushing in the chain's Instagram comment section). 

The rosy-hued coffee is crafted to resemble a piece of red velvet cake, with a delicate undertone of cream cheese and luscious cocoa.

The seasonal beverage, which can be served heated or cold, is anticipated to remain on menus until the conclusion of February. 

Dunkin' is delighted to reintroduce the Pink Velvet Macchiato in response to a deluge of direct messages, fan mail, petitions, and sincere requests, the company said in a recent statement.

A festive menu has just been unveiled by Dunkin', and a fan favorite is making a return.

Dunkin' introduced this treat for Valentine's Day 2020 after an enormous beverage development team spent many hours (and many cupcakes) determining its exact qualities. 

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