10 Fabulous Hairstyles for Women Over 60

A short shag haircut with layers and texture offers a dynamic and stylish look.

Short Shag: 

Use a traditional perm to add volume and texture.

Classic Perm: 

A blunt cut with bangs is elegant.

Short Blunt

To look polished and classy, keep your bob smooth.

Slick Bob: 

A sloppy bob with ruffled waves is easygoing and youthful.

Messy Bob: 

A layered crop cut gives short hair style and texture.

Layered Crop: 

Curly bobs add charm and brightness to natural curls.

Curly Bob: 

Choose an asymmetrical pixie cut for a trendy look.

Asymmetrical Pixie: 

Texture and layers give your pixie cut a lively, young look.

Textured Pixie: 

Pixie cuts are a fashionable way to show off gray hair.

Gray Pixie: 

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