Feel-Good Photos: The Cutest Animals On The Planet


Who wouldn't want to give him a big hug? This animal living in Australia sleeps on average between 18 and 20 hours a day, perched on its tree branch.


Let those who don't like cats explain to us: how do you resist such a cute little creature?


With its big ears and its very small head, the face of this rabbit really makes us crack. We would even be on the verge of adopting one!


The hedgehog is one of the cutest beings that exist on our planet. And do you know what the baby hedgehog is called? A cutie! Too good and still true!


Here is an adorable baby Corgi! This dog breed is known for its liveliness, loyalty, and intelligence.

Lion cubs

These young cubs look like two big stuffed animals that we would like to hug. But it is better to avoid touching them and and not get bitten.


But what is this cute creature? It is a quokka, a small marsupial living in Australia, nicknamed the 'happiest animal in the world' because of its smiling face.

Polar bear

To continue our collection of far too cute animals here is a very young polar bear, which also looks like a big white stuffed animal.


With its fluffy and soft tail - just as long as its body - and its small ears and big black eyes, the red squirrel is one of the most adorable animals on the planet.

Panda bear

Obviously, this gallery wouldn't exist without a photo of a panda, whose face makes us all melt with tenderness.

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