Flowers That Make Your Garden More Bee-Friendly


There are a number of plants with small daisy-like blooms that are referred to as asters, but bees do not discriminate between varieties.

Bee Balm

Enter bee balm blossoms. This striking perennial is related to the mint flower and comes in a variety of shades including pinks, purples, and reds, and it blooms from mid-summer to early fall. 

Black-Eyed Susan

A sunny-flower, Black-Eyed Susans are a hearty and tough prairie plant that can withstand the summer heat making it a staple in every backyard garden.

Butterfly Bush

If you want to plant a flower that not only makes your garden more bee-friendly, but also butterfly-friendly, plant a butterfly bush.


Goldenrod is a perennial that grows back every year, so plant it once, and call it a day. Its bright yellow flowers add a burst of color to a late summer garden making bees go abuzz as we head into the start of early fall. 


Honeysuckles are incredibly popular garden flowers because they are highly perfumed. Not only does that make them a well-loved option among gardeners, but also among bees.


Lavender and its luscious scent may be well-known for its relaxing properties, but it is also another flower that can make your garden more bee-friendly.


Lilacs are lovely and are available in shrubs to small trees depending on what you are looking to plant. They give off a sweet floral fragrance in the spring that keeps both bees and butterflies coming back to your backyard garden for more visits. 

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