Flyers Boycotting Southwest Boarding Change

In recent news, Southwest Airlines' boarding policy modification has caused criticism.

Due to these changes, many habitual flyers and passengers are boycotting the airline, believing they hurt travel.

Southwest's switch from open-seats to assigned seating is the main cause of this boycott. Southwest's old boarding process involved 

first-come, first-served seating. The "cattle call," or seat selection system, was one of the airline's defining features.

Southwest Airlines now uses a more traditional assigned-seating methodology that assigns seats

in advance based on fare class and loyalty status. This adjustment has upset some loyal airline customers.

Critics say the new structure reduces Southwest's independence and flexibility. They say open-seating

was part of the airline's brand and a reason passengers flew with them. They say the new policy rigidifies seat selection.

After this episode, dissatisfied passengers have taken to social media to express their anger and boycott Southwest Airlines.

Southwest Airlines responded to the uproar by saying the adjustment improved boarding and efficiency.

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