How to Transforming Your Living Room on a Budget

Declutter your living space. Remove clutter and rearrange furniture to create a new arrangement. A little restructuring can make a big effect.

1.  Declutter and Rearrange

Decorate walls with homemade art. Try canvas, old frames, or wooden pallets. Abstract paintings, line art, and framed fabric provide personality without the cost of store-bought art.

2. DIY Wall Art

Refresh your furniture with paint or hardware. A new coat of paint can revitalize an antique coffee table, side table, or bookcase. Use contrasting hues to stand out.

3. Budget-Friendly Furniture Makeovers

Shop at secondhand stores for cheap decor. Unique objects like vases, candle holders, and vintage frames can be painted or DIYed.

4. Thrift Store and DIY Decor

Use removable wallpaper or wall decals to create patterns or accent walls without permanent modifications. This adds color and flair to your living room cheaply.

5. Wall Decals

Replace your sofa's throw pillows and blankets. Find affordable options at discount retailers and mix patterns and textures to add visual appeal.

6.  Throw Pillows and Blankets

Look for reusable decor around your home. Consider relocating or repurposing objects. A beautiful tray can be a tabletop centerpiece.

7. Reuse Decor Items

Improve lighting fixtures using inexpensive DIY solutions. Create pendant lights using inexpensive materials or paint or decorate existing light fixtures.

8. DIY Lighting Upgrades

Introduce indoor plants to liven up your living room. Growing plants can improve the space's attractiveness for little cost.

9. Indoor Plants

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