Is Angel Reese Related to Shaquille O’Neal? Why Did LSU Star Call 7ft 1″ Legend ‘Unc’

Angel Reese's 2023 NCAA Championship win for LSU has generated continual buzz.

Her unusual skills and ability have led Shaquille O'Neal to call her the greatest LSU athlete, along with Pete Maravich and Ben Simmons. In April, Reese called Shaq her “uncle,” sparking rumors that they were linked.

Shaq made Reese his first signing as Reebok's basketball president and clearly bonds with the 21-year-old. Instead of being connected, Shaq and Reese have created a “mentor-mentee” relationship, likely because both are making history for the LSU Tigers.

O'Neal has often supported Reese in recent months and wants her to join the WNBA. With Reese calling Shaq one of the best LSU products ever, the support seems mutual. She first had to select between Leonard Fournette and O'Neal in May, then Shaq and Joe Burrow.

Reese stuck with her "uncle" both occasions, but she chose herself when given the chance. O'Neal has also shared several Instagram stories supporting Reese.

Shaq and Reese are unrelated, yet they seem to respect each other. O'Neal accepts the 21-year-old's excellence and believes she will become his former alma mater's top athlete.

In addition to his support for Reese and her calling him “uncle”, fans believe the two may be biologically connected.