Liquid Eyeliner Mistakes To Avoid For A Flawless Finish

1. Not Starting with a Clean Base

Always begin with dry, spotless eyelids. By removing excess oil and old makeup, eyeliner will adhere appropriately and last longer.

2. Skipping Primer

Using an eyelid primer creates a smooth canvas that prevents smudging and disappearing throughout the day.

3. Using the Wrong Formula

Choose a liquid eyeliner formula that corresponds with your skill level and intended finish. Beginners may find it simpler to control felt-tip or brush-tip eyeliners.

4. Pulling on the Eyelid

When applying eyeliner, avoid dragging or pulling on your eyelids, as this can result in an uneven and shaky line.

5. Starting with a Thick Line

To achieve the desired intensity, begin with a thin line and progressively build up its thickness. It is simpler to add additional lining than to remove superfluous product.

6. Not Making Short Strokes

Instead of endeavoring to create a single long, continuous line, use short, controlled strokes to construct the liner.

7. Ignoring the Eyelash Line

Ensure that the eyeliner is applied near to the lash line in order to prevent gaps between the liner and the lashes.

8. Not Aligning the Wing Properly

When applying winged eyeliner, use the lower lash line as a guide to align the wing at the desired angle.

9. Overextending the Wing

Avoid extending the wing too far outward, as this can make your eyes appear drooping.

10. Using Dull or Old Eyeliner

To achieve a precise and clean line, ensure that your eyeliner is sharp and new. When your eyeliner begins to wear out or lose its sharpness, you should replace it.