Low-Maintenance Haircuts for Women Over 60

A short shag haircut with layers and structure can be stylish and low-maintenance for ladies over 60.

Short Shag: 

A blunt, straight-across cut is stylish and easy to maintain. It suits short and medium hair.

Cut Short: 

The most low-maintenance alternative is a buzz cut. Bold and empowering, it doesn't need style.


A tapered crop haircut with shorter sides and a longer top is trendy and easy to manage.

Tapered Crop: 

Accept your natural gray or silver hair color for a confident, low-maintenance look.

Colors: Gray

Smooth Short Hair: Short hair is easy to maintain, making it suitable for daily wear.

Smooth Short Hair

Side-swept bangs are easier to maintain than full bangs.

Side-swept Bangs:

Some women over 60 choose bald or shaved heads, the lowest-maintenance option.

Shaved Head: 

A short curly hairstyle can be easy to care and show off your natural curls.

Short Curly Hair: 

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