McDonald's Is Giving Away This Free Sandwich Today

McDonald's Camp McDonald's has had great bargains all month. This is the greatest time

to download Mickey D's app to get a free item because the fast-food chain saved its biggest promos for last.

A 27-day virtual experience began on July 5 using the chain's app. Fans enjoyed food bargains, exclusive merch drops, and virtual 

concerts by popular singers in recent weeks. The theme this week is "You, McD's & Kid Cudi in Outer Space."

One of the best deals is today's free McChicken sandwich. To get the free sandwich, make a $1 app purchase and add it before checking out. It's simple.

The $2 Big Mac sale on Saturday will cap off a fun and affordable summer. On Sunday, Kid Cudi will play live on the app to conclude.

While everything seems smooth as mayo on a free McChicken, this promo-fest has had issues. Since demand was so high, the camp started poorly.

Customers waited hours in a virtual line for a Grimace-shaped pool float on its inaugural day, but they were turned away empty-handed.

McDonald's apologized through email after handling low stock issues and angry float-less customers took to Twitter.

McDonald's has been known for nationwide promotional events with celebrities, however the chain has stated that it will change its value offers.  

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