New Costco Bulk Snack Is Perfect for Holiday Entertaining

The main holidays are approaching, and many of us are preparing huge get-togethers. A new Costco snack is wonderful for holiday entertaining and handy.

The warehouse sells 5-pound cubed gouda or cheese packs. Who runs the Costco-themed account on Instagram, @costcohotfinds, was one of the first to see the new cheese cubes this week.

"I think Costco has the finest cheese bargain ever. Around $12 buys a five-pound package of cubed gouda and cheddar. Approximately $2.50 per pound.

"These are great for charcuterie boards, snacks, and lunches," she stated in a Facebook video.

Before the winter holidays, other customers were excited to buy bulk cheese. "Yes! Love it for holiday meal preps " article received a remark. That's great value! Costco, here I come!" wrote another.

You may take advantage of the discount even if you're not holding a party soon. Reddit users shared their delicious Costco cheese uses.

"I made homemade mac & cheese with it and wasn't disappointed." Redditor said. "Add to mashed potatoes. Another wrote, "trust me".

Cubed gouda and cheddar costs and availability vary by area, as with any new Costco item. Customers should contact their local warehouse to confirm cheese availability.

Costco now sells pre-made Loaded Mashed Potatoes with butter, bacon, sour cream, grated parmesan, and mozzarella cheese to make holiday hosting easier.

It has received wonderful ratings from consumers. Early this month, Instagrammer called the side dish "phenomenal" and "a meal in itself."

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