Only 1960s Kids Will Remember These Things

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Ultimate ’60s Sharehouses 

The 1960s communes were social networks without screens or swipes. Togetherness was key, man! People lived, laughed, and wore each other's tie-dyed shirts.

The Vampire Show 

Before vampires sparkled, ‘Dark Shadows’ riveted viewers. Brooding vampires, confusing witches, and plot twists that could turn a werewolf vegetarian filled this show.

The Lil’ Chef’s First Kitchen 

Every kid's first kitchen experience was the Easy-Bake Oven with a lightbulb! In 1963, these tiny ovens could bake anything cookie-sized and without fire.

Petals Against the Metal 

While the Vietnam War sparked outrage, the ‘Flower Power’ movement brought peace, love, and daisies to the forefront of many people’s minds. 

Walking Like the ’60s 

In 1964, the go-go boot became popular, and every woman had a pair for dancing. These knee-high wonders let you dance all night without pancake-sized blisters.

Groovy Glow in the Dark 

Lava lamps were a mesmerizing blur of color and light, like the 1960s in a bottle. After their 1963 invention, they were a hippie staple.

Suck It Up Revolution 

The 1960s Hoover Dial-A-Matic cleaned dirt, dust, and crumbs. This modern marvel could do a shag carpet justice in the coolest way.

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