Ronzoni Has Discontinued a Popular Pasta Shape

Your next supermarket trip will have less pasta on the shelves. One iconic Italian comfort meal was eliminated.

Snopes reports that Ronzoni's Pastina No. 155, the little, kid-friendly star-shaped noodle used in Italian wedding soup, has been discontinued. 

After readers reported the pasta's absence, the fact-checking website contacted Ronzoni, who confirmed its demise on Dec. 29.

Eighth Avenue Food & Provisions, which acquired Ronzoni in May 2021, emailed Snopes that the pastina's "unique small size and star-shape

required specialized production from a third-party manufacturer," adding that the company's long-term manufacturer would stop making it in January 2023.

"We have been unable to identify a viable, new manufacturer who could make Pastina in the same shape, size,

and standards that Ronzoni customers have come to expect from this comforting classic," 8th Avenue wrote.

I'm devastated! A lifetime of Italian medicine is gone forever "Twitter user. "Never buy your pasta again. This is shameful "said another.

Nearly 130 Instagram users commented on the announcement. Instagram user: "Not the way we wanted to start 2023, Ronzoni! 😔." 

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