Shake Shack Is Launching Two Major New Items Today

Shake Shack doesn't offer lackluster new menu items. The fast-casual "gourmet" company has

long been known for its fine-dining-style burgers. New releases match its highbrow appeal.

Shake Shack introduced a Bourbon Bacon Cheddar Burger and Chicken Sandwich today.

The offerings include a sweet and savory bourbon bacon jam made with six-hour-smoked bacon over oak applewood. Maker's Mark

Kentucky bourbon, with its smooth flavor and vanilla, caramel, and wood undertones, is used in the jam. Shake Shack describes the jam as sweet and delicious

Both the burger and chicken sandwich will have white cheddar and a toasted potato bread. Chicken sandwich with pickles, burger with crispy shallots.

By ordering through the Shack App on May 3, customers can gain early access to the products before they hit all Shake 

Shack locations on May 6. The Bourbon Bacon Cheddar Burger and Chicken Sandwich cost $8.49 and $8.09, respectively.

To avoid missing out on limited-time bargains, the company has initiated a "last call" on Twitter, highlighting items departing the menu. 

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