Southwest cancelling 1,500 daily flights

Southwest Airlines operates about 4,000 flights a day. A few days ago, they announced

that they would be cutting approximately 1,000 flights every day but in just a short

amount of time, they have decided to increase this to 1,500 flights.

This announcement came shortly after the Southwest CEO Gary Kelly

reportedly told employees that the airline is in the “fight of our lives” to keep operations going.

The latest cuts by Southwest brings the total amount of cut capacity down 40%.

hat is a high amount for the nation’s largest domestic carrier but it is not on par with

some other airlines. Other airlines like Delta have had to cut their flights

by even more (70%) and there are over 50 Airlines that have had to cut 100% of the flights.

More cancellations are set to happen once Hawaii begins to enforce its new quarantine policy which will require new arrivals to quarantine for 14 days.

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