Southwest Seat Hog Called Out: Don’t Be That Guy……or Gal!

Airline passengers are assigned a boarding group, A, B, or C, and boarding position, 1-60, upon check-in.

Your boarding group and location decide when you board the plane and how many seats you can choose from.

I haven't flown Southwest in a while. Since I had so many Southwest points and travel dollars from flights being rescheduled during the epidemic

Pay for an early boarding place to board early. This is possible at the gate. A boarding number in the A group, 1-15,

is guaranteed. One group boards the flight first. Southwest keeps boarding group numbers in hopes of payment.

Checking in for a packed flight earned me a C group boarding position. My traveling companions did too. We splurged for A 1-15 early boarding at the gate.

While sitting blissfully at the front of the plane, I saw something interesting. In the seat in front of me, the woman demonstrated territorial behavior.

She may have spared her two family members seats by paying for the A5 boarding number. She saved seats and the whole thing irritated me

The flight attendants repeatedly said to grab the first open seat because the flight was full. People were trying to sit in open seats.

Southwest crew members informed me they won't say anything to a person saving seats, but anyone can sit there. 

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