Starbucks Accused Of Rigging Payment System

This month, Starbucks has encountered controversy due to allegations put forth by the Washington Consumer Protection Coalition. 

The Seattle-based organization, which advocates for prioritizing "the public good over private greed," claims that Starbucks has exploited consumers through the use of its app payments and gift cards.

A Washington Consumer Protection Coalition spokesperson told Yahoo! Finance how Starbucks abused its app and gift card purchases to earn nearly $900 million.

The spokesman said the gift cards and app purchases make it hard for clients to use the full balance. Additional $5 adds are allowed with a $10 minimum purchase.

In response to the consumer advocacy group's 15-page complaint, Starbucks told Fortune it is "committed to working with the State of Washington to ensure it remains in compliance with all state laws and regulations."

Starbucks also stated that customers can use their gift card or app balance by deducting the specified amount and paying the rest in cash.

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