Starbucks Sued Over 100% Ethical Coffee Claims

Those who have ever purchased a bag of coffee from Starbucks have probably noticed the following inscription: "fully committed to ethical coffee sourcing.

Over the years, the coffee brand has maintained a steadfast stance regarding its ethical procurement practices. However, a recent lawsuit has deemed these assertions to be baseless advertising.

The National Consumers League has initiated legal proceedings in Washington, D.C., alleging that Starbucks has deceived consumers into believing that its coffee and tea products are entirely ethical.

The group subsequently accused the company of employing suppliers with "documented, severe human rights and labor abuses," according to NBC News.

However, substantial human rights and labor violations are evident throughout the supply chain of Starbucks.

Starbucks stated in a statement provided to NBC News that the allegations are "extremely seriously investigated." Additionally, they described the procedure their suppliers follow.

This is not the first occasion this year that a consumer advocacy group has filed suit against Starbucks. 

The renowned coffee establishment was accused by the Washington Consumer Protection Coalition, based in Seattle, of manipulating its payment system in order to augment earnings by approximately $900 million earlier this month. 

Starbucks did declare its "commitment to working with the State of Washington to ensure continued compliance with all state laws and regulations" in response to the allegations.

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