Taco Bell's New $2 Burrito Has Customers Crying Foul

Taco Bell fans appreciate new products, but some think some should be renamed. The Mexican-inspired fast-food chain has been testing new 

burritos in U.S. regions, and while they're hungry for a menu update, others are asking if they're receiving what's described on the $2 Cravings Menu.

The Chicken Poblano Caesar Burrito, which has been tested in Charlotte, North Carolina, has caused a stir on reddit. Grilled chicken, fiesta tortilla 

If the Caesar component confuses you, realize that Caesar salad and dressing are Mexican. This new burrito sounds amazing with the smokey 

What's making Taco Bell fans cry after four meals? To many, the burrito doesn't feel like one. Some wonder if it should be called a wrap.

"I don't know where the line is but this seems firmly in the wrap category," u/StockAL3Xj said.

Redditors compared the Chipotle Ranch Grilled Chicken Burrito to a McDonald's Snack Wrap after its release.

The dispute resembles the "Is a hot dog a sandwich?" controversy that included celebrity chef David Chang. Most definitions of a burrito include 

The Chicken Poblano Caesar Burrito features cheese and meat but no beans. Is it immediately disqualified as a burrito? Since the Double Steak Grilled

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