The 10 Best Paint Colors for Your Living Room

1. Neutral Gray

Shades of gray, like a soft dove gray or a warm greige (gray-beige), can be used as a background for any style of decor.

2. Warm Beige

Beige colors, like sandy beige or taupe, make a room feel warm and cozy, and they go well with both old and new furniture.

3. Navy Blue

A touch of class and drama can be added to your living room with deep navy blue. Accessories made of metal and white trim look good with it.

4. Sage Green

Sage green is a soothing and energizing color that makes you feel like you're outside. It goes well with natural wood and earthy decor.

5. Soft Blue

Colours that are light blue, like sky blue or powder blue, can make your living room feel calmer and bigger.

6. Muted Teal

Because teal colors are sophisticated and lively at the same time, softened versions of them can make your living room a visually stimulating but calm place.

7. Earthy Terracotta

Walls that are terracotta or rust color can make your living room feel warm and lively, especially if you decorate it in a boho or Southwestern style.

8. Golden Yellow

A soft, mellow yellow can make your living room feel happy and sunny, making it feel lively and open.

9. Classic White

White walls make a blank slate that will never go out of style, so your furniture and decorations can really stand out. Putting it there can also make your room look bigger.

10. Charcoal Black

Dark black or charcoal gray can make a room feel dark and dramatic, especially if it's used as an accent wall or with light-colored furniture.