The 5 Most Trustworthy Myers-Briggs Personality Types


Non-judgmental ISFJs may make you feel more comfortable confiding in them.

ISFJs are terrific friends and partners who are more flexible than others in their judicial system, therefore they are the greatest at holding secrets without judging you and even empathizing with you.


Extroverted, perceiving, feeling, and assessing others will also protect your secrets, experts believe.

ESFJs, known as carers, are extroverted, gregarious, loyal, tender-hearted, and organized. They will go far "to establish their dependability.


You can blindly trust an ISTJ to do what you say. They prioritize their word and promises.

If an ISTJ personality type is your buddy or has a job, they will respect your word and complete it.


Although INTJs are smart, they are also trustworthy, perhaps because they understand the necessity of trust in relationships. INTJs keep their word and expect others to do the same.


Their bluntness and insensitivity might come out as harsh. However, ESTJs are just attempting to save time by avoiding superfluous words and explanations.

If an ESTJ is unpleasant or inconsiderate, they may be attempting to avoid injury by being too honest!

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