The 8 Best Cat Breeds, In Our Humble Opinion


Ragdoll cats are the lap cat of your dreams. They're sweet, affectionate, and brilliant — according to Purina, you can teach some of them tricks and to play fetch. 


Purina notes that Siamese cats will talk your ear off if you let them. They're sociable, smart, and love sitting with their human friends. 


Balinese cats are closely related to Siamese, so they're also very chatty and thrive on socializing with people. They're also very sensitive and intuitive.


Bengal cats are basically jungle cats that live in your living room. Not sold yet? They're so adventurous that you can also walk them on a leash, according to Purina. 


If you're a procrastinator the "smushed face" Persian cat might be the one for you, because you can just look at their judgmental face every day for motivation. 

Norwegian Forest Cat 

Called "wegies" for short, Norwegian Forest Cats are big, fluffy cats that won't be easily scared. 

Oriental Shorthair 

Oriental Shorthairs are a separate and distinct breed from Siamese, though they similarly love to interact with the family and stay involved in everyone's business, according to VetStreet. 

Russian Blue 

Russian Blue cats are famous for their bluish gray coat and light green eyes — they're stunners. Russian Blues are loyal and affectionate, but also love their alone time, according to Hill's Pet. 

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