The Aldi Spring Mix That's Too Buggy For Reddit To Handle

Salad aficionados like protein with their greens, but not this. A shopper reported finding a dead dragonfly in a bag of Spring Mix greens offered by Aldi on Reddit on January 7.

They wrote, "Appetite suddenly gone," "I found this person within a couple nibbles of finishing. These containers are new to me and I use two per week.

One user said, "I'd be grossed out and stop eating it," while another lamented, "We once found a giant grasshopper in our spring mix."Others were less surprised to find an insect in a bag of fruit.

"Dragonflies bring luck," one commentator said. Another said, "Sure it's gross, but produce grows outside in dirt and nature," while another said, "It's just a bug.

Another Aldi salad issue involved premixed packages and a 2020 Cyclospora outbreak that led to a recall, according to the FDA.

Since produce comes from the Earth, it will likely come into contact with dirt and insects like dragonflies during harvesting and packaging.

 This may explain why many bagged salads say "triple-washed" or "ready to eat."

According to a 2017 Mirror article, a woman discovered a huge, living grasshopper in her Aldi Mixed Leaf Salad.

The woman saved the insect and bag so "she could bring it back to the store to complain."

When buying veggies at Aldi (or any grocery store), be vigilant. Insects in packaged salad are rare, but it's best to check before buying.

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