The best and the cheapest places to travel in Europe

Lisbon, Portugal: Portugal's capital offers beautiful views, historic neighborhoods, and delicious cuisine at reasonable prices.

Porto, Portugal: Another Portuguese gem, Porto is famous for its port wine cellars and picturesque riverside district.

Athens, Greece: Visit the cradle of Western civilization with its ancient ruins, including the Acropolis.

Bucharest, Romania: Romania's capital offers a mix of history, architecture, and vibrant street life.

Sofia, Bulgaria: Bulgaria's capital is known for its affordable prices and cultural attractions

Belgrade, Serbia: Belgrade offers a dynamic nightlife, historic architecture, and a lively atmosphere. Dining and entertainment options are budget-friendly.

Riga, Latvia: The capital of Latvia boasts a well-preserved medieval Old Town, beautiful Art Nouveau architecture

Tallinn, Estonia: Estonia's charming capital is known for its medieval Old Town, which can be explored on foot. Prices are generally reasonable

Montenegro: While not a single city, Montenegro offers stunning natural beauty, historic towns like Kotor and Budva, and affordable accommodations

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